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The Aquarian Teacher™
is a RYT 200-hour Certified Course

Teacher Training: September 7, 2018–June 9, 2019
This training will be held at Pop Life Studio in Cleveland

It includes the following major areas of study:

    • Awakening Consciousness: The Practice and Principles of Kriya and Meditation
    • History & Philosophy of Yoga
    • Asana: Principles of Alignment
    • Pranayam: Principles of the Breath
    • Sound & Mantra: The Science of Naad
    • Becoming a Teacher: Identity and Projection
    • Becoming a Yogi: Humanology and Lifestyle Studies
    • Professional Ethics and Applied Settings
    • Physical and Subtle Anatomy
    • Practicum: Teaching from Day One

    What to Expect:

    Level One Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® is a transformative experience, whether you decide to teach or simply use it as an opportunity for personal growth, you will change. Those changes can be a challenge to your family and your community. Don't take it personally; and definitely don't make any big decisions during Teacher Training. Simply allow yourself to dive deeply into your own identity – and above all, Keep Up!

    The course is a physical and mental challenge. Do your best to set up your life to support your Teacher Training experience because, once it's over, your Teacher Training experience will definitely support your life!

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