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Denys Morgan

Denys Morgan, Yoga Director

Denys Morgan has been working professionally with movement and fitness since 1986. She has an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy and brings great enthusiasm, creativity, and a deep dedication to her work. As a healer, bodyworker, spiritual mentor and teacher, Denys relies deeply on her intuition and inspiration from her many gurus and teachers. Denys began her yoga journey in 1992 and has completed over 800-hours of formal training from various schools of yoga. She has developed an eclectic blend of several styles of yoga including: Hatha, Ashtanga, Raja, Bhakti, Kundalini Yoga, Osho’s Dynamic Meditations and Sound Therapy. Denys has spent a great deal of time in ashrams all over India and has lead several retreats to Costa Rica and India. In 2015, Denys co-founded the Ananda Bhakti Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program. In 2017, Denys created a program she calls "Stay Sane," which incorporates Kundalini Yoga to help those struggling with mental health issues. Denys considers herself a global citizen and has lived in England, Italy, Costa Rica and India and is always planning her next trip abroad!  


Jack Mueller:

Jack Mueller (Jodha Nam) is an artist, designer, Kundalini Yoga teacher, and founder of Pop Life. He completed his 200 hour yoga teacher training with Gurmukh at Golden Gate Bridge Yoga in Santa Monica, California. The practice of Kundalini Yoga has had a profound impact on his life, and it brings him great joy to be able to share these teachings with others. Jack has traveled extensively and has visited every continent except Australia and Antarctica. His favorite place he has been are the pyramids at Giza in Egypt.

Vonita Burke.jpg

Vonita Carol Burke

Vonita Carol Burke is a RYT 200, and CKYT 200 (Kemetic Yoga). She was introduced to yoga by her friend over 5 years ago when she took her first yoga class. At that time, she wasn’t sure she would return the following week. Since that first step on her yoga path she has found strength and she has recognized where she is weak. She has found balance and she has fallen. She has found flexibility while in a constant battle with control issues. In her classes you will empower each other. You will fall then get up. It is Vonita’s hope that you find contentment even as you challenge yourself. Vonita is passionate about reading and journaling. 

Mark Mazanec.jpg

Mark Mazanec

Mark Mazanec, "Mahadeva", served 4 years in the Marines, being honorably discharged in '99. He is a sound, reiki, and crystal healer. All of his classes are super laid back. The whole point of his classes is to help everyone relax, connect with themselves, and to help uplift and raise the vibration of the students. This is a way of life for him, and he feels his purpose in life is to share that with others. He teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative yoga. He graduated the Ananda Bhakti Ytt program in 2015 and has been teaching since. An interesting fact about Mark is that he is currently working on starting a business making organic beeswax candles that are energized with Reiki, sound, crystals, and a mantra.

Colleen O'Rourke.jpg

Colleen O'Rourke:

Colleen O'Rourke (Rameshbir) received her teacher training through The Kundalini Research Institute in 2009 and has been a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga since the '90's. She continues to study with her teacher, Guru Jagat, through intensive seven month programs devoted to the transformative Kundalini teachings for women. As a yogi, Rameshbir aspires to create greater compassion within herself and greater peace in the world. She feels blessed to have the opportunity to practice Kundalini and to share this practice with others. What an amazing gift! Rameshbir is a founding member of the Aquarian Women's Leadership Society and enjoys geeking out on Star Trek.